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Daytime makeup

1h The foundation is not thick, and the face is slightly modelled. Daytime makeup definitely includes beautifully corrected eyebrows, as well as eye and lip colour, considering the client’s personality. Since natural light, or daylight, changes constantly, and it changes entirely at least four times a day – at dawn, at midday, in the afternoon, and at dusk – one can use both warm and cool tones l 30.-

Evening makeup

1,5 h The foundation must be stronger and darker. Since the light in the evening is cool, the use of greyish tones is not recommended. Warmer tones are prettier in cool light. 35.-



1,5 h One should determine whether black-and-white or colour photographs are being taken, although in both cases, one must consider that the photo will “eat” about 30% of the makeup. Therefore, photo makeup will seem too strong in ordinary circumstances, but later, on the photo it will appear truly beautiful and natural.