Due to the targeted perforation of the skin, the cells release growth factors immediately after use, thereby stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, and the release of hyaluronic acid. Microcirculation is also considerably increased, leading to a higher absorption capacity of the active substances applied and in this way to a significant improvement in the skin texture.

This non-ablative skin rejuvenation technique enables the skin on the face, eyes, lips, neck, décolleté, body and hands to be improved and firmed. Scars, as well as pregnancy-related and other stretchmarks, can also be reduced successfully.

Micro needling by means of the needling pen is a new and very successful procedure in the field of anti-aging and problem skin treatments.

What you need to know:
Before and after the procedure it is not recommended to tan or use spray tan.

After the procedure:

Avoid cold and hot air (wind, snow, sauna, fan)
Do not use foundation for 24 hours
Moisturize face with sterile hyaluronic acid which is included with the procedure
Use face creams recommended by the cosmetic. Avoid creams that contain mineral oils, silicone and parabens
Use sterile hyaluronic acid for 2 days following the procedure
Drink enough water
Avoid alcohol for 3 days
Avoid sweating for 2 days (areas where the procedure was performed)
Avoid swimming and sauna for at least 3 days
Know that recovery will take at least 3 days
The skin needs effective moisturizing. Consult with your cosmetic
In case of dry skin do not peel off loose skin flakes. Use moisturizer on them.
Avoid tanning and tanning beds for at least 5 days after the procedure. Use LSF 50 cream
Avoid acid peels for at least 2 weeks after the procedure

- Pregnacy and breastfeeding
- Active herpes, warts
- Active acne, cystic acne and/or skin infection
- Hormone therapy
- Isotretionin (Roaccutane), azelaic acid, glycolic acid, Retin - A, benzoyl preoxide or other acne treatmens
- Skin cancer
- Chemo or radiaton therapy
- Consumption of antibiotics
- Rosacea stage II-IV
- Eczema, dermatitis, active psoriasis or actinic keratosis
- Diabetes
- Recent surgeries
- Hemophilia
- Allergies

2x2ml sterile hyaluronic acid ampoules are included with the procedure for home use