Client reminer:

• Please arrive if you have made a reservation"
• If you're visiting for the first time, make sure you know where to come. It is better to arrive 5 minutes before your booked time.
• If you are going to be late then please let us know immediately, otherwise we may think that you're not coming.
• If you are late 15 minutes or more and an another client has been booked after you, then we have to cancel your booked service
• A booked time can be cancelled until 24 hours before the service. If the booked time is cancelled later or if you don't arrive we will charge for the service anyway.
• If the booked time is cancelled in under 24 hours of the procedure we have the right to charge 50% of the total cost of the service.
• When making a reservation we will ask you for your e-mail and phone number because we may need to send you an invoice or contact you for some reason.
• If we should get sick, we will contact you as soon as possible so we can reserve you an another time.

This info is for avoiding confusion and misunderstandings
We appreciate your understanding in the matter.